Interpretation in various languages

Suomen Asioimistulkkikeskus Oy offers interpretation services in different languages for everyday errands, customer service, business negotiations, presentations, and lectures. A professional interpreter creates a pleasant and natural atmosphere for all parties and makes it easy to do business.

Our expert interpreters offer you high-quality translations and interpretation that best suit your situation.

Community interpretation

Community interpretation means interpreting discussions between a customer and a representative of a company or the authorities. A community interpreter interprets everything that is said and leaves nothing out. Community interpretation is done as consecutive interpretation at the customer’s premises, or by phone, if necessary. The interpreter will interpret both the source and target languages.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation means interpreting as the speaker is speaking. The interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones and interprets the speech almost simultaneously into the other participants’ wireless headphones. Simultaneous interpretation is extremely challenging for the interpreter and requires concentration, but our experienced expert interpreters will handle these interpretation situations flawlessly.

Simultaneous interpretation requires:

  • an interpreter’s booth with equipment
  • a microphone for the speaker (often also PA equipment)
  • receiving sets and headphones for the participants
  • an interpreting technician / sound engineer

Whisper interpretation

In whisper interpretation, the interpreter sits close to the listener and interprets the speech, usually without aids, to one or two listeners. This method is only suitable for short occasions. Whisper interpretation can be aided using so-called whisper interpretation equipment, which includes one wireless microphone for the interpreter and 20 headphone receivers for the listeners. For larger audiences, you should rent real simultaneous interpretation equipment.

You can find more information about interpretation on the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters’ website.

Telephone interpretation

Telephone interpretation is done over the phone. This service enables conversations between people who don’t have a common language.

Conference interpretation

Conference interpretation is used mainly at large events, conferences and international events with a large audience. The interpreter works inside an interpreter’s booth and interprets simultaneously using interpretation equipment.

Court interpretation

In court interpretation, speeches are always interpreted as consecutive interpretation, but general parts may also be interpreted as whisper interpretation, i.e. simultaneously. A court interpreter guarantees a fair trial for everyone and is part of the concerned parties’ legal protection. The interpreter will interpret everything that is said in court, without changing anything or leaving anything out.

Negotiation interpretation

Negotiation interpretation is usually done as consecutive interpretation, with the interpreter working in both the source and target languages. The interpreter is a participant in the negotiations and helps everyone participate equally. In large meetings, it is also possible to use simultaneous interpretation or whisper interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter interprets after the speaker has finished, meaning that the speaker and interpreter speak in turns. If the speeches are long, the interpreter may use interpreters’ note-taking techniques that allow even lengthy messages to be conveyed accurately and in detail.

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Translation services with expertise

The professional translators at Suomen Asioimistulkkikeskus are experts in their field. We choose a translator for each assignment based on their special area of expertise.

We offer fast and flexible service everywhere in Finland.

We provide official translations at short notice, including:

  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Forms
  • Documents
  • Brochures and manuals
  • Official, a.k.a. authorized translations
  • Websites

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