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Community interpretation and other interpretation services with expertise

Asioimistulkkikeskus is Finland’s largest provider of interpretation and translation services. We offer interpretation services across the country in nearly all immigrant languages needed by the authorities.

Asioimistulkkikeskus is the most efficient company in interpretation and translation. We have kept our customers satisfied year after year with our reliable, flexible, experienced, and solid expertise.

Cost-efficient services

We offer all the interpretation and translation services you need cost-efficiently even at short notice. Our interpreters and translators are well-respected and educated experts within their field.

Our interpretation and translation agency offers all services for private individuals and businesses under one roof. Book an interpreter using the form on our website.


  • Interpretation €68 / hour.
  • Telephone interpretation €34 / ½ hours.
  • Translation €64 / page (one page used as a billing unit is 1,560 characters).
  • Brochure and manual translation €90 / page.
  • Rush fee 50% / translation (delivery at short notice).
  • N.B.! The prices are VAT exclusive.
  • Free cancellation if cancellation is made more than 24h before appointment.

Travel, per diem and accommodation expenses will be charged separately in accordance with the government travel expenses rule.

The prices above are for contract customers. New customers can request an offer from

Book an interpreter 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 09 346 3056

Service 24h 050 468 2992